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Boost Your Harvest with Our Premium Products.

Products for all your plantation needs.

At Agrícola Granero López S.L.We understand that every farm, every field and every crop has unique needs. That's why we've built a complete and diversified product offering to make sure you can find everything you need in one place.

Sacks of healthy legumes and grains.

Certified Seeds and Featured Varieties

Our certified seeds are at the heart of our product offering. We understand that a good crop starts with good seed, so we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our seeds are of the highest quality.

Whether you need cereals, oilseeds, protein crops, legumes or any other product, you can be confident that every item in our catalog has been selected for its superior quality and its ability to help you achieve a bountiful and healthy harvest.

Fertilizers and phytosanitary products

Fertilizers and Phytosanitary Products

We also offer a range of fertilizers, herbicides, phytosanitary products y pesticides to help you protect your crops from pests and diseases. You will be able to keep your fields healthy and productive.

Our experts can advise you on which products are best suited to your specific needs.

Feed for animal feed

Quality Animal Nutrition

And we don't forget your animals. Our animal feedstuffs for animal feeding are of the highest quality, designed to keep your animals strong, healthy and happy. With a variety of options for different species and life stages, we help you make sure your animals are getting the nutrition they need.

Discover our selection of feeds that guarantee a balanced nutrition for your animals.


Our Team, Your Greatest Resource

Each of our products comes with the support from our team of experts who is always available to help you. Whether you need advice on which product is the best fit for your situation, or that you are looking for ideas on how to obtain the maximum performance of our products, we are here to help you.

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