Agrícola Granero López S.L.

Experts in Phytosanitary Products, Cereal and Oilseed Marketing

Your trusted partner to help you thrive in the field.

Welcome to Agrícola Granero López S.L.your expert partner in the agri-food sector.

From the land of La Almarcha, we bring you the best seeds for sowing and superior services of grain transport.

About Agrícola Granero López S.L.

We are a company committed to the agri-food sector, with a strong commitment to outstanding experience in the SEED SALE for planting and in the transportation of grain. Our focus is on providing quality solutions and exceptional services to our customers.

Why choose us?

In Agricola Granero Lopez S.L., our passion for agriculture and our team of highly qualified professionals make us your best option. We are a reliable and experienced company that understands the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the ally of the farmersproviding high quality certified seeds and offering reliable grain transportation services. We want to be the support that farmers need to achieve the success in their crops.

Our Values

The honestythe excellence and the commitment are the fundamental pillars of Agrícola Granero López S.L. We strive to maintain high standards in everything we do and pride ourselves in providing personalized attention and a exceptional agricultural advisory service.


Together on the Road

At Agrícola Granero López S.L.thanks to our extensive experience, we offer customized agricultural solutions for  cultivate a future together.

Seeds for sowing

Wide range of products

With a broad portfolio of products, including certified seeds for sowing, cereals, oilseeds, protein crops, legumes, fertilizers, plants, herbicides, phytosanitary products, pesticides y animal feedstuffs for animal feedingWe are here to ensure that your land prospers.


Agricultural Services

In addition, we provide essential services like rental of machinery for agricultural use, grain collection and transportation y agricultural advice. No matter what you need, our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help you achieve your agricultural goals.

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